There are a variety of different reputable barcode resellers in Europe that can be seen below. These are members of the International Barcodes Network, and their barcodes include registration in the International Barcodes Database. You can purchase barcodes from one of the sites below, or else from International Barcodes:

Armenia Barcodes –

Austria (Barcodes in Österreich)

Azerbaijan Barcodes –

Belgium (Codes à Barres Belgique) –

Bulgaria Barcodes –


Barcodes Czech Republic –

Denmark (Stregkoder Danmark)

Estonia Barcodes

Finland Barcodes

France (Codes à Barres France)

Georgia Barcodes –

Germany (Barcode Deutschland)



Italy (Codici a Barre Italia)

Kazakhstan Barcodes –

Kyrgyszstan Barcodes –

Luxembourg Barcodes –

Netherlands (Barcodes Nederland)

Norway Barcodes –

Poland (Kody kreskowe dla Polski)

Portugal Barcodes –

Romania Barcodes –

Russia Barcodes (штрих- коды Россия)

Slovakia Barcodes –


Spain (Códigos de Barras España)

Sweden (Streckkoder Sverige)

Switzerland (Codes à Barres Suisse)



Ukraine Barcodes

Uzbekistan Barcodes –