This is for barcodes purchased from us (which includes free Registration), and for Registrations purchased from us.
The first part of this procedure is for barcodes purchased outside of the International Barcodes Network (IBN)).
The second part is for all barcodes that are to be registered, including those from the IBN.

For barcodes purchased elsewhere (not from the IBN):

(Customer) Purchase Barcode Rregistration from one of our websites and submit your barcode number in the Additional Information field at the purchase Checkout.

(Customer) Read your auto-deliverable email, where we request proof of barcode ownership / validity.
This proof can be in the form of

  • a detailed receipt showing your name and the barcode number, or
  • a certificate showing your name and the barcode number

( Note that genuine barcode dealers provide these documents on purchase. )

(Us) When you email the proof/s to us, we check them carefully and also check the validity of the barcode number on the global GS1 database, where all valid barcode numbers are listed.
If this check is is UNSUCCESSFUL, we inform you and offer options.
If this check is SUCCESSFUL, we list your barcode number on against your purchaser email address and send you instructions.

For all barcodes that are to be registered:

Go to and log in using your purchaser email address:


The software will likely request that you VERIFY the email address. This is similar to other email verification processes, and well-known to most people.
Once verified, when you log in, you will see your barcode number listed with a check box against it.
Click this listing to open a page where you can add product details and a product image:

Manual search on

Once you complete this process, your product details are registered against your barcode number.
Anyone can then go to and search the barcode number to view your listing page.
You can copy the web URL for this page and email it to people, if necessary, to show that you own the barcode and the product.
For example, click this link to view a product listing:


Google webcrawlers trawl the web continuously to identify new content. They will find your listing and index it for Google Search within 3 days to 3 weeks ( we are unable to speed the Google process ).
Thereafter your barcode number and product details are Google-searchable.
For example, Google-search this barcode number and then click on the top Google result: 9421021461303

Mobile Phone Barcode-scanning

SOME (not all) mobile phone barcode scanner apps can scan your barcode and fetch your product details page from to display on the mobile screen – for example the Zebra Scanner.