International Barcodes Database

The International Barcodes Database is a GTIN* (barcode number) and product database designed to provide product information based on barcode numbers (UPC or EAN retail barcodes).

You can search this barcode database by barcode number to find product information based on that number and where the product is available.

This database contains GTINs (barcode numbers) issued by the International Barcodes Network, plus other verified GTINs.

*GTIN means Global Trade Item Number.

Search Barcode Database now

Our international barcode database searches for the barcode you select. Any information found will be displayed. For some barcodes / products, this will include where you are able to purchase the product.

You can search for a product by barcode number (EAN13 or UPC) using the search box provided. If you own a barcode number, and no results are found for this barcode in our database, you can register it yourself here.

This site was created to provide users access to the information behind barcode numbers. This ‘meta data’ can include information such as the product name, price, quantity, and manufacturer.

Extra Information About Barcodes

Retail barcodes are unique product identifier, assigned to each finished/manufactured product that is ready to be sold in retail stores. The barcode numbers are purely unique numbers, effectively drawn from a large international database and allocated to the product. The barcode number is connected with the product information by individual retailers, and by international barcode databases such as this.

Barcode numbers make work easier for retailers – they are a fast and accurate way to identify what product is being received into the store or sold at the checkout.  Computers scan and read barcodes on products as they go into and out of shops. This computer system can also be used for stock tracking, to show the store when they need to reorder a product.

If you need to buy a barcode for your product, we encourage you to purchase one from a member of the International Barcode Network – an international network of reputable barcode suppliers.